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How to Cut SVG Files with a Cricut Cutting Machine

One of the great advantages of Cricut cutters is the ability to upload and cut SVG files that you created or purchased from designers. Especially Paper has designed an exclusive SVG cutting file for paper-craft projects and paper flowers, which can be cut with your Cricut machine. This is a guide for downloading new projects and cutting files using SVG in Cricut.

Step 1: Downloading the SVG File

If you purchased a template of Especially Paper, please click the “Download Now” button available after order processing is complete, or click the link in the download email for having access to the compressed zip file that contains all the files related to the project.

Step 2: Unzipping the Zip file

The downloaded file will be zipped or compressed. Unzip the file and download. The download link is valid for 30 days, so download your files and save a backup as soon as possible after ordering.

Step 2: Log In To Cricut Design Space and Upload

SVG files open in your web browser by default. Log in to the “Design Space” on your desktop or computer and create a new project. Click the “upload” icon in the toolbar. On your next screen, then click the “upload image” option. Browse the SVG file for Cricut from your computer, then open it to import the file. After the image preview, you can choose to add tags for searching images in the future easily. Click the save button given in the lower right corner. The image will appear under “Recently Loaded Images” in your library.

Step 3: Template Opening

Select an image from the recently uploaded image from your library and click the “insert” image option. The SVG image then appears on canvas with all the specifications together.

Step 4: Preparation for Cutting 

The template will be of corrected size for the associated item. However, if you prefer smaller or larger items, you can adjust the size of these parts at any time. Be sure to check the individual template videos included in the download on resizing specific items. To move the fragments individually, right-click and then ungroup the fragments.

Hiding the Layers

If you want to hide any piece so that it is not cut, click on the eyeball icon in the layer panel to do it.

Setting and Attaching Score Lines

Click the scissor icon and then Score from the new window. The lines will change from solid black to grey dotted lines. For score lines, which you want to attach to the layer you want the machine to score, select that scoreline layer, and while holding the Shift key, select the cutting layer to attach it to. Click the “Attach” icon at the bottom of the layer panel.

Step 5: Cutting 

When you are ready to send the image to the cutting machine, click the “Make It” button given in green. Design Space will automatically select a 12 x 12″ mat and sort it. If you use different sizes of Paper, please use the drop-down ‘material size’ menu to switch the size. You can also manually rearrange clips by clicking and dragging the individual clips.

And, you are now ready, set, and cut!